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The reviews are in.  What people are saying about Backstage Past.

“The stories he told absolutely curled my hair!”

“Shocking, emotional…it’s magic woven on the page!”

“Backstage Past is a history of the Golden Age of music!”

“I never thought Barry would have the guts to write these stories down!

“It’s fascinating reading!”


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  1. I met Barry Fey in the Spring of 1975. I was a salesperson at KLZ FM 106.7. Barry had a past due balance with our Radio station, dating back to 1972. Sam Yacovazzi was the general manager of both KLZ 560 AM and KLZ FM. KBPI 105.9 was the KILLER FM station then. We were a bit softer, but had a respectable audience, nonetheless, but were NOT getting any Feyline business because of past debt.
    Suddenly, Sam announced he wanted to go back to Akron, Ohio and his replacement was Dino Ianni Sr. Dino was a great BOSS!
    After only one week on the job, Dino asked me about Barry. I told him about the past due debt and that Sam hated Barry’s guts, and didn’t even WANT his concert business. Dino sided with me and we met with Barry to try and resolve this. Dino came up with a plan.
    He gave Barry the LOWEST 60 second spot Rate on our station,
    $10.00, and we would run them wherever Barry wanted.
    And, if he agreed to pay weekly in advance, we would internally take the 15% agency commission ($1.50 for each spot) and apply it to the OLD BALANCE (Barry was good to his word, as the OLD balance was completely paid off by the month of May, 1977.
    Barry shook our hands and BOY DID THE MONEY START TO FLOW!!!!!
    KLZ FM was part of almost EVERY radio schedule purchased going forward: Hall & Oates, Marshall Tucker Band, the Outlaws, Peter Frampton, the Beachboys…. Feyline was FAR & AWAY my #1 account. I was there two or three times a week, picking up checks, tapes, and schedules.
    I was in Barry’s office on Aug 16, 1977, the day Elvis died. Cindy was there, Chuck Morris and John Rubey (my roommate from Regis College) as well. I can’t be sure if Barry was in when Chuck announced the news.
    I have many Barry Fey stories! He was and IS to me an inspiration! He was HIS OWN BOSS. He was the first ENTREPRENEUR I ever knew. I watched him almost daily deal with so much crap, from the Rock Stars, their agents, their crews, and even his first wife, Cindy, who could OUT CUSS any soldier! I used to tell people that NOBODY has the tolerance of EATING THE WARM AND BROWN that Barry Fey has. Rock Stars and their Agents are the LOWEST FORM of human beings. With HUGE EGOS,They all need a T-Shaped door to get into the room!
    And the concert business is an ALL CASH DAILY BUSINESS. Bob the “Day Man”, a hippy who was totally trustworthy, would drive his blue Buick from one Select-a-Seat outlet to the next, collecting the cash from ticket sales.
    Barry, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!! “Backstage Past” is a direct HIT! RIGHT BETWEEN THE HEADLIGHTS HONESTY!!!!
    I am so glad I was able to work with you for as long as I did.
    I attended many of your shows, starting with The Doors at the Family Dog, Sept. 30, 1967 when I was 16 years old.
    “Backstage Past” is a MUST READ for anyone who has lived in Colorado who misses all the GREAT MUSIC from the 60′s, 70′s, and 80′s.
    God Bless you, Barry!!!! john sauer

  2. Joanne Greeley

    I just bought ¨Backstage Past” and have read the intro’s and cannot wait to delve into the book. I am so excited and happy that Barry Fey wrote this because I have been a fan of his since he opened the Rainbow Music Hall! How I miss that venue. I also worked in Bob Pitler’s law office in the early 70′s when Bob represented Barry and I remember how gracious, focused, determined and dedicated Barry was to his profession. I also remember all the times that the fans would gather outside Barry’s office in hopes of meeting their idols…never happened though! What great memories I have of those days not to mention all the FABULOUS concerts that I have attended over the years. I certainly miss Barry’s presence at concerts – no one and I mean NO ONE can put on a show like Barry Fey. You are missed. Too bad the younger generation concert goers can’t experience the greatness of Barry Fey – you knew you experiencing something special at every concert he ever put on. Thanks Barry – my best to you!

    • dear joanne, i used to work for bob pitler too. i was there when they bought the limo. i drove it for them for about a year. then i went on the road playing with bands from denver. back in the sixties i played with the galaxies and the kandy store phrophets. i knew barry from way back when he worked for ed weimer. barry worked with ed. i believe ed started giving barry a start in promoting. my band was suppose to be on the show with the monkees. but that got cancelled. ed weimer brought that show to denver. any way i just thought id send you a message. im 66 now and im still playing in rock bands. i live in the north atlanta area. thanks for listening. bill nicholls

  3. Tim Ratt

    I really enjoyed the book and the stories about who in the rock world was pleasant and who let their fame go to their heads. When I picked the book up I planned to browse through. About four hours later I took a break. One of the biggest things I Iearned was that I should not do anything with Berry Fey that I want to be a secret.

  4. Sorry i missed all the fun in Denver but i met Barry in 1965 in Rockford Illinois, i went to a dance at a small venue club that was his first try at promoting. The band was from chicago called Baby Huey and the Babysitters. a girl and I won the dance contest and he gave me a bunch of albums. The next day i got a call from him asking me if I would help him promote bands in Rockford. He asked me to meet him at his place of employment, which was Robert Hall clothes. He wondered if the kids of Rockford would support concerts or dances. We said lets try it and Barry got on the phone and booked the Beau Brummels at Rockford college. It went over well even after making everybody take off their shoes on the basketball court. Next he booked the byrd’s which was packed and the opening act was a local band called the Grim Reapers which ended up being Cheap Trick. Rick Neilson and his band opened for most of our shows during this time. Rockford College got tired of us so we had to find new places to have shows. we then started having shows at the Redwood Lodge. Lovin Spoodful,Castaways, Shadows Of Knight Simon and Garfunkle, The Flock, Len Barry, The Blackstones etc. Some concerts or dances as they were back then were at the Hotel Faust Ballroom. After each show Barry would have a party at his house and the bands would come and party their brains out. I was only 17 and it was quite a show for me. I remember the Byrds getting lost and Barry sent me out to find their bus, as i got on the bus to guide them to the venue I was surprised to see the Whiskey a-go-go dancers on the bus who were half naked and partying with the boys. I had virgin eyes back then. Barry didn’t drive back then so one day he said he wanted to buy a car. My dad had a 1952 Jag xk120 he was selling so i took Barry out for a test drive. He tried to drive it but he failed miserably, so no car. He then booked the Association at Mount Fugi in Lake Geneva Wisconsin which was a fun gig, he had a stage built on the roof of the ski lodge which was cool with people sitting on the ski hill looking down at the band. The next booking at the ski lodge didn’t work out so well. He booked Paul Revere and the Raiders and when they showed up they asked where the stage was and we pointed to the roof of the ski lodge, Fang said he wouldn’t go up there because he was scared of heights. The last I remember Barry and the manager were screaming at each other and the band drove off leaving a big crowd.I think Barry probally sued. But I don’t know. He wasn’t in a good mood. We used to hangout at Barry’s house in between shows and get on his nerves. One day he was yelling at me and Jerry Cohn for some reason so we decided to tie him up to a tree and took his roommates car and went to Lake Geneva for the weekend. Don’t know how he got untied but he wanted to kill us so we stayed away from him for awhile. Not long after that he got sick and was in the hospital for awhile and we would go see him and torment him some more. After he got out of the hospital he started talking about moving to Denver. He wanted me to go to Denver with him but my old man said i was going to college, so that was the last I saw of Barry. I don’t think I could have had a better time during that period thanks to Barry, He was a fun guy. Congratulations Barry on your book.Now I have to read it to see what I missed.

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