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For those who knew Barry Fey, recall a man with a gentle heart, a wicked sense of humor, and an eye for talent and big ideas. His credits include Led Zeppelin’s first American concert; the final performance of the Jimi Hendrix Experience; more shows by British legends The Who and the Rolling Stones than any other promoter; and U2′s “Under a Blood Red Sky” at Red Rocks, among many others.

If you’re over the age of 20 and have a favorite Colorado concert memory, chances are Fey was responsible for booking the act.

Fey’s legacy is deeper than rock ‘n’ roll, however. He demonstrated Denver’s zeal for Major League Baseball when he organized an old-timers game for a nearly packed house at the old Mile High Stadium in 1983. And he stepped forward to save live classical music in Denver, launching the Colorado Symphony Orchestra in 1989. After 9/11, he spearheaded a campaign that provided more than 7,000 pounds of toys to be delivered to victims’ children.

But Fey is best remembered for the imprint he left on the music world. He was inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame last year. A fitting tribute, in our view, would be posthumous induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

For now, Coloradans should take a moment and thank Fey for the music — and the memories.

(courtesy– The Denver Post)


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  1. I miss you bear….

  2. BJ Moreland

    I was lucky enough to grow up in Denver when Barry started Feyline. I started my concert going experiences with the Beatles at Red Rocks and saw Hendrix there as well. I also did LSD for the first time in 1969 at the Led Zeppelin show he booked at the Colliseum. I was at the Denver Pop Festival and spent many nights in the Rainbow Music Hall. I attended every concert the Grateful Dead put on at Red Rocks and continue to attend shows all over the Denver area. NONE of this would have been possible for me were it not for Barry. He had the determination and the foresight to manifest one of the finest promoting businesses EVER. Yes, he could be gruff but, man, he knew his shit. I sent him a letter once complaining that he was booking Michael Jackson but not the Dead. Barry took the time to call me to explain he was trying to book the Dead but there were some scheduling conflicts. In the end, he was a class act and my life has been enriched in unimaginable ways because of him. Thank you, Barry Fey – may all of your trails be happy ones.

    • John

      Well said, I went to many, many of Barry’s shows. I went to every Sunday stadium shows, Mile High Stadium, and Folsom field from the 70′s. The Stones, Pink Floyd, The who, Eagles, David Bowie, and so many other Huge Acts. My first was ZZ Top at McNichols arena. Pissed me off so bad when BOC was set to open for ZZ. Roadies were tearing down BOC equipment as Eric Bloom delivers the BAD news that Bouchard the drummer was going to the hospital. so my first show a bummer.ZZTOP put the love back in my heart when they came out and kicked mighty ass. I have great memories of every show, even when I was wasted the memories never faded. He made our city one of the greatest music Mecca. and I was part of it with all my kindred and like-minded spirits.Those days are so long gone but one thing for sure is you didn’t have to sell your car or take out a second mortgage to see the sunset of our favorite bands from back in the day. All I can do is pull out every ticket stub, look at each one and trip down memory lane. I got to give you the hight five at an Avalanche game, or when he was walking the aisles making sure every thing was cool.God Bless You and thank you so much for the joy you brought to us.

  3. Mike Arbon

    Barry was a good friend. Bless you Barry, Rock forever!!!

  4. Linda Dolan

    I have so many memories of Barry Fey, not so much as the concert promoter but as a father and a man. I babysat his kids back in the days when Alan, Geoff and Jeremy were all under 11 years old. Barry didn’t drive so I would take him places and drop him off. One day, when I arrived, there was a movie playing on the old Betamax…it was the Christopher Reeve Superman movie, which was still in the theatre. Barry had someone sit in the theatre (which I think he rented completely) with a video camera and record the whole thing so his kids could watch it at home. Crazy! Then there was the time I pulled up to find The Who playing football in the front yard while Barry nonchalantly acted like it was no big deal. I admired you Barry for more than your business sense. I admired you as a father, and that is a greater contribution you made than anything else.

  5. Paul K.

    Barry brought so much music into my life. The first show of his that I saw was the Denver Pop Festival in 1969. Winter, spring, summer and fall. Red Rocks, Mile High, Folsom, THE RAINBOW and more. And he did it all in short pants. I would hear all the stories about how difficult Barry could be, and I would always just offer up my thanks for all the music. Rest easy Mr. Fey. You did some good work.

  6. Ron demay

    I met Barry back in Chicago in the late sixties , we had some shows together and a lot of laughs. I was sad when he moved to Denver,but looked what happened after that ! Encore Encore keep those lighters lit . Miss you Barry .

  7. Bev Black

    Thank you Barry for all the wonderful Music you brought to Colorao!
    Loved your Book “Backstage Past” you were Brilliant .. felt lucky to meet you and try to Help you get your book into Cherry Creek Dept Store.
    feel so bad you were in pain missing you♥
    Bev Black xoxo

  8. Jami M.

    I didn’t know Barry and I only ever got the chance to speak to him once at a book signing at Tattered Cover. But from the moment I attended my first Feyline Concert in high school I wanted to be Barry Fey; I wanted to be a concert promoter. And not just a concert promoter but THE concert promoter. I didn’t really know exactly what a promoter did but I knew Barry did it better than anyone and I wanted to be just like him. I never did get into the music business but live music is still a HUGE part of my life because of those early experiences Barry orchestrated. I feel so privileged to have seen some of the best live acts in the world because Barry brought them here! You changed my life forever Barry. Thank you!!!

  9. The other day someone on FB was making a statement about the cost of concert tickets. I wrote that I saw all my musical idols during the late 60s,70s and 80s because Barry Fey made it possible for this poor-boy to afford to go to a concert. God Bless Barry Fey. I did a few interviews with Barry for my online paper, before his book came out. I started the interview with his beginings, not the concert promoter. Barry had an amazing memory. We got deep in our first interview, he had to stop and told me he was just feeling to emotional over the conversation to go on. He gave me the best compliment I ever recieved as a journalist. “In over 40 years of interviews I’ve never told this story to anyone, and why the f#$k I’m telling it to you I have no idea, you’re good.” The one thing that I noticed, was how many people would come over to the table and thank him, and he would talk to anyone, he wasn’t to good or to big a celebrity to talk to anyone who approached him. Barry Fey was real, he spoke his mind. The world is a bit less since we lost him. Thank you Barry and I know you made it home. You had a much bigger heart than people really new. Never did finish the second part of the interview, I’m looking foreward to sitting at the table with you when the time comes. God bless you my friend.

  10. Deborah Hard Hurley

    Some people have been called “forces of nature” or “larger than life”; I don’t know if Barry fit in those categories for everyone he met….. I’m sure opinions vary. But back in the day, in the ’60′s, when I was working at the Denver Folklore Center and we were selling tickets for his concerts, we came to know him well. Ups and downs, roller-coaster man! But when my father died he invited me to his home for food and comfort. The invitation was unexpected and never forgotten. So I remember him for being funny, profane, loyal,
    infuriating……. but ultimately kind. Thanks Barry.

  11. Mike

    Papa Bear..Rock and Roll Hall of Fame….For sure…Thanks for ……Being You

  12. Candice Schuster

    I knew Barry when he lived next door to me on Wellington, he was just starting out in the biz, who knew? R I P Barry

  13. Candice Schuster

    I knew Barry when he lived next door to me on Wellington, in Chicago. He was just starting in the biz, who knew?
    R I P ….

  14. Is there a mailing address where I can send a tribute to Barry? Chuck E Weiss, Raised a glass 2 Barry @ his show @ The Piano Bar in Hollywood on 05/04/13. In 1979, I was MissFeyline Presents. I got a folder and some pics I’ll like to send his estate.

  15. AJ Villa

    Barry, you will be missed. Thank you for everything. While I was working at the Rainbow Music Hall I was fortunate enough to get to know you a little. Some of my best memories, and the most important moments in my life occurred there in that magical place. Your passing marks the end of the era. “Back in the day” has surely passed into rock and roll history. The myth and legend of Barry Fey will last forever in the memories of those who knew him.

  16. Mary Maslanik

    Barry brought me The Who in 82, I was 13, and I fell in love with the Music Industry. I had a music magazine in the early 90′s named Static, which featured local talents and Barry loved it. He said we needed something to showcase the local musicians. He brought me Robert Plant, Ted Nugent, Black Crowes, Kiss and many more to photograph. It was an honor and a privilege to photograph his shows….. I had the time of my life. He always treated me with respect. Thank You Barry Fey for inspiring my life. You brought us so much. Thank You.

  17. Kenny Lloyd

    The world has lost a Giant ofthe music business. I met Barry after a concert of his in a small venue in downtown Denver. He told the police who detained my partner and I for handing out fliers for our new clothing store opening in Cherry Creek the next day. He told them to ‘leave these guys alone’. We subsequently became very good friends . He was tough in his business dealings but had to be to succeed in the Rick and Roll business. I have many good memories of Barry from eating ribs downtown to fitting him with some fashionable clothes. (Not his favorite) I was taken aback with his passing and will always remember having dinner at his house with his little ones and their mother to picking him up at the airport returning from a Rolling Stones tour. My condolences to his family members and loved ones. Barry lives on in my memories. Kenny Lloyd

  18. Indy

    Barry took a liking to me, a green 20-something kid three decades ago…took me into his circle, and showed me the concert production/ promotion business, record production, and “event” management. He never hoarded the knowledge, and never gave me just the dregs of performers or locales. He shared stories with me that I’ll take to my grave. In other words … he was GENEROUS, almost to a fault. He didn’t have to give me a pass to parties with the bands, dinners, events, etc. … but he did. And those memories will be vivid with me forever. I could go on. Of his terminal condition – of course hindsight is 20/20 BUT why go to New York for hip surgery ……. AND then they bungle the operation !! Why not get hip replacements at Swedish Hospital, Porter, or even Skyridge? …. all excellent Denver institutions. He suffered severe pain afterwards, and Barry definitely had always had a low threshold for pain. I could tell anecdotes about Barry’s fear of pain, but now instead of funny, they would seem tragically morose. Additionally, a good pain management doc would have given him much-needed, much-welcomed relief in the short-term when his pain was the most acute. All water under the bridge … Barry we will miss you immensely. We are, yes, sad … very sad, at your passing. But we are also ANGRY we won’t have you for another 15, 20 or even 25 more years! RIP Barry Fey

  19. Kim T

    Savoy Brown at the Rainbow, Yes at Denver Coliseum, Mammoth Gardens!! Too many memories to count. It felt that Barry was always around working to make music special and enjoyed worldwide, while we were enjoying the fruits of his influence and labors here in Lil Ole Denver. Just reading his book brings back the joy and memories of the early Denver music scene, .

    You will be missed, RIP

  20. Rick Brown

    This is very HARd to do, Because I Knew What a Ride. !3 years old in Denver, and in a Band Making.some money, HAnnigans Greenhouse With Dave Brown. Alan Bown, and Rick Schmidt
    We met Barry, Fey he had heard us.Those were Very Crazy times. Family dog was Booking for us. It turned out that Cannd Heat. Denver Police arested them. We had a great show. Pts. on evens. So we heard about, This guitar player, From IOWA, of all places. Saw Him play in super small above a Bar Tommy Bolin, Did a Whole set. Foxey LAdy. Hendricks stuff Are you Experices Tommy did not miss a lick this guy its is. Beatle stuf unreal. Barry, Office was Downtown 16st. Was offered a Job With Dave Brown for Zephyer. Barry Was a legion then.
    Nices Smart Like Tommy, These Both Had HUGe hearts . Hiis Band was Great what a ride.

  21. Crazy Joan

    Hey Dad, you will be missed my friend. Hopefully you’ll see Nate on the other side.

  22. bayou

    I moved to the Denver area in 1998 and really enjoyed hearing barry on the hawk fm . He was telling his concert history every sunday night. The stories were fantastic and I moved away with only a 3rd of his history told. It was must hear entertainment. Growing up around texas I recall feyline promoting some of the shows I saw. I think he promoted the famous texas jam concerts. RIP barry, you are very missed. cary

  23. you changed my life in the most profound of ways…I experienced a life that is full and rich because you promoted hundreds of shows I paid to see and then helped me earn a living from hundreds of shows I’ve worked…Barry you are beloved! I’m reminded of a video by The Who…imagine a 12 year old me in 1974…yep I’ve got oodles and oodles of ticket stubs…Forever in our hearts…Love “Sally”

  24. A special thanks to Barry for all the wonderful music that he shared with us here in Colorado. Started attending his concerts in my early 20′s and for many years after. They always had a professional air to them and delivered what was promised. Reading his recent book brought it all back again. Rest in peace Barry and a special blessing to his family members. Thank you once more for the wonderful memories and events.

  25. suzie

    Thanks Barry. I was just a kid 17, and thanks to you I saw Jimi. God bless your soul kiddo.

  26. Joshua Stathis

    I bid you fairwell my old friend, you taught me a lot about the business, as a friend & a rival, even though these lessons are from many years ago, the knowledge, experiences, and defeats, I still carry today, some 30 years later, you inspired me..Barry….you will be missed by many I’m sure, and no one will forget you, you wrote a spot in history, if they liked you or not, you touched so many lives, and this gift is only given to a chosen few…rest in peace..see ya soon……..G.B.

  27. I.C.E

    As I read all these comments, in takes me back to the 1980′s, red rocks, the ,the old bronco stadium, mammoth gardens and not to forget the rainbow music what a great time..what a ride.$$$$$$$$$
    RIP…you were proud of Colorado and it shows….

  28. Tim Norman

    It was an Honor and a pleasure to work with and for you! You will greatly missed by all that your life has touched.
    Should be in the Rock-n-Roll hall of Fame as one of the greatest Promotor ever and never repeated again.

  29. Butch Stone

    Barry was one of the Greats. I was introduced to Barry by another Legend, Bill Graham. Both these men are gone now and belong to the history books. Frank Barsalona, Bill, Barry,Ron Delsner, these are the men who built an Industry, and we all owe them a lot.

  30. Putz. Barry, You MAY BE Dead, but the NEXT Time I see you, I’m kickin’ yer Butt for Splittin’ like Ya did … 1st Charlie Blu, & Then … YOU! So, Rest In Peace Ol’ Friend … until I cross over. We’ll BOTH be screamin’ & Cussin’ … Luv Ya Brother.

  31. Brad Bernard

    I bought tickets to Freddie King, Lynryd Skynrd, and Marshall Tucker in 1974 from Barry at the Denver Coliseum. We made small talk and I headed in to the show. I thought it was so neat that he took the time to talk with me. It was great. I just finished reading his book and I am sad we don’t have him anymore.
    Brad B

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  33. Lisa

    I will love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  35. Steve Russell

    I opened for Laura Nero at the Denver Auditorium in 1970. He treated me and my guitar playing friend Buzz Anderson very well. Semper Fi. RIP

  36. Robert Campello

    Thank you, Barry and Feyline for all the concerts in Colorado over the many years. Great job by a great man.

  37. MC Malthus

    I didn’t know Mr. Fey. However, the combination of KAZY radio, FM-TV (then TeleTunes) on Channel 12, and Barry Fey’s concerts, I am became a life long music lover. How do I say thanks, Mr. Fey? This is how!!! Thank you Mr. Fey.

    Bob Seger (with THE ROCKETS!!!) at McNichols, 1980
    The Moody Blues, at Red Rocks, 1981…..the best concert I have ever seen!!!
    Jefferson Starship (with 38 Special) at RR, 1981
    Joe Walsh at RR, 1981
    George Thorogood (with local blues hero, Johnny Long, opening) at RR, 1981
    George Thorogood, Heart & The Stones at Folsom Field, 1981
    John Cougar Mellencamp, Jethro Tull & The Who at Folsom Field, 1982
    Missing Persons at the Rainbow, 1982
    Jorma (solo) at the Rainbow, 1983
    U2 at RR, can see me in the helicopter footage..I know the cameraman in the copter.
    Rush (with Rory Gallagher!!!) at McNichols, 1983
    The Police (with UB40) at McNichols, 1983
    Blues on the Rocks (SRV, BB, Albert King, Bobby Blue Bland), 1985
    New Order (with PiL & The Sugarcubes!!!) at RR, 1989
    Sex Pistols (reunion tour) at RR, 1996
    Ani DiFranco (with The Rebirth Brass Band) at RR, 1998

    And many more…..

  38. Very well written! Like

  39. I will right away clutch your rss

  40. David Chin

    My late condolences. I have been out of Colorado now for 20 years. But While I was there, I not only went to his shows (worked one as an adjunct from my I.A.T.S.E. membership). But worked to computerize his office and home. He was great to me and so nice. Never once did he have even an inkling of what I often experienced, that a black skinned man didn’t know computers. He listened and always with an eye to what he needed to do. I only found out about his passing because I was speaking/reminiscing about him to somebody . So I thought to look him up. Then found the bad news. I wish he was still here to say hello, do you remember our work together? Well, good bye Barry. You will be missing by many and for many different reasons, not just music.

  41. Wow….Barry….Can’t believe your gone ! It’s been several years since we talked. I was looking you up to see about joining forces once more to produce a new WEED Festival like the “US” from the 80′s….
    Now I run WEED Inc. Stock symbol: BUDZ….remember Barry !!
    I was honored when you called me to produce the Tucson portion of the 1981 Stones concert tour…
    I will make “Honors” go to you my friend at our next WEED Festival !
    Well “What a long strange trip it’s been”…
    See ya soon my friend….Ride high in the Sky…
    And Shine Your LITE down on us mere mortals…
    Happy Trails Barry. May the Peace of God shine upon your family always…
    “Til we meet again”…gg

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